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Siem Reap Tourist Attraction Sites

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Siem Reap is one of the old town of Cambodia and it’s located in northwestern of the kingdom of Cambodia, and it’s approximately take 4-6 hours drive from Phnom Penh capital of the country. Going to the old town is to see/to visit thousand ancient temples which it was left from the 9th–15th centuries and also the popular most visited ancient temples are the world Hindu largest religious building, it’s called Angkor Wat temples, Bayon, Angkor thom and more….
[br Beside those of the interested and old temples, Siem Reap is also is a better town for relaxing to enjoy natures, shopping and lot of things to be seeing when you are there with us Cambodia Tour Guides Www.cambodiaTG.Com
For those of visitors who are going to see Siem Reap old buildings then Angkor Wat monument is always on their top list, then Tour Guides Cambodia team decided to article as number one visited temples among the others

But, there aren’t only about old temple there are several ancient sites like Bayon in Angkor Thom compounds, the ancient temple got it’s popularity by it’s 5 towers

Siem Reap Temples and Must Things to Do

Every single year, Siem Reap’s ancient temples have attracted millions worldwide tourists and t, especially those of the vast Angkor archaeological park. Over its 900-year history, the park has attracted millions of tourists, many of whom come to see its famous temple complex. Deeply rooted in Khmer culture and history, these temples are the pride and joy of the Angkor Archaeological Park, with over 20 different structures to explore.

There is no doubt that Siem Reap is a kind of spiritual center due to the fact that the Angkor Archaeological Park stretches across 400 square kilometers and contains hundreds of temples. It is clear that visitors can spend days exploring this site and still not see everything. Let go with Siem Reap Tour Guide Travel list of the 11 most beautiful temples that are off the beaten track and away from the hordes of tourists. These are absolutely worth visiting if you want to escape the busy crowds and enjoy a more personal experience.


Angkor Wat

    Siem Reap, Cambodia, is synonymous with the awe-inspiring silhouette of Angkor Wat, a testament to the grandeur of ancient Khmer civilization. As the crown jewel of Siem Reap’s architectural landscape, Angkor Wat stands as an eternal symbol of cultural and historical significance, drawing visitors from around the globe to marvel at its timeless majesty. Read More

2:Angkor Thom, the great City


Angkor Thom – The Ancient Citadel

Nestled within the heart of Siem Reap, Cambodia, lies the grandeur of Angkor Thom—a sprawling citadel that stands as a testament to the architectural brilliance and cultural richness of the Khmer Empire. With its imposing gates, majestic temples, and serene faces of Bayon, Angkor Thom beckons visitors on a journey through time, unraveling the mysteries of a bygone era. Read More

3: Bayon Temple Siem Reap

  Nestled at the heart of the ancient city of Angkor Thom in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Bayon Temple stands as a mesmerizing testament to Khmer architecture and spirituality. This iconic temple, adorned with enigmatic stone faces and intricate carvings, invites visitors on a captivating journey into the soul of Cambodia’s rich cultural and religious heritage. Read more  

4: Phnom Bakheng Hill Siem Reap

Perched atop a hill within the Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Phnom Bakheng emerges as a timeless sanctuary that seamlessly blends spirituality, history, and breathtaking vistas. This ancient temple, dating back to the late 9th century, invites visitors to ascend its terraces and witness the mesmerizing spectacle of sunset, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience. Read More  

5: Prasat Preah Khan Temple “Holy Sword”

In the heart of Siem Reap, Cambodia, lies a hidden sanctuary that whispers tales of ancient spirituality and architectural brilliance – Prasat Preah Khan. As a less- explored gem, away from the bustling crowds of Angkor Wat, this temple complex invites intrepid explorers to uncover the enigmatic charm woven into its rich history and intricate design. Read More

6: Banteay Srei Temple Siem Reap

Nestled amidst the ancient wonders of Siem Reap, Cambodia, Banteay Srei stands as a testament to the Khmer Empire’s artistic prowess and spiritual devotion. Often referred to as the “Citadel of Women”; or the “Pink Temple”; this small yet intricately carved temple complex offers a mesmerizing journey into the delicate beauty of Khmer artistry. A Masterpiece in Miniature: Constructed in the 10th century during the reign of King Rajendravarman II, Banteay Srei is renowned for its diminutive size but unmatched craftsmanship. Despite being one of the smallest temples in the Angkor region, its intricate carvings showcase an extraordinary level of detail, earning it a reputation as the jewel of Khmer art.

7: Banteay Samre Siem Reap

Nestled within the expansive Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Banteay Samre emerges as a hidden gem that whispers tales of Khmer sophistication and architectural brilliance. Often overshadowed by its more renowned neighbors, this temple complex unveils a serene journey through time, offering visitors a tranquil escape into the grandeur of the Khmer Empire. Read More  

8: Phimeanakas Siem Reap

Nestled within the revered grounds of Angkor in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Phimeanakas stands as a celestial testament to the Khmer Empire’s architectural prowess and spiritual reverence. Often overshadowed by the nearby grandeur of Baphuon and Bayon, this enigmatic temple, also known as the “Celestial Palace” invites intrepid explorers on a journey through time to unravel its secrets. Royal Ascendance: Constructed during the late 10th to early 11th century under the reign of King Rajendravarman II, Phimeanakas is steeped in royal lore. Legend has it that the temple served as the king’s personal pyramid and was believed to be the center of the ancient capital Yasodharapura, marking the Khmer monarch’s sacred connection to the divine. Read More  

9: Phnom Kraom Temple Siem Reap

Nestled amidst the lush landscapes surrounding Siem Reap, Cambodia, Phnom Kraom emerges as a serene natural sanctuary, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the tranquility of its verdant surroundings and discover the hidden wonders of Cambodia’s countryside. Nature’s Retreat: Phnom Kraom, meaning “Golden Mountain”; offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The mountain’s verdant slopes are adorned with dense foliage, towering trees, and vibrant flora, creating a tranquil haven for those seeking solace in nature’s embrace. Read More  

10: Thommanon Temple Siem Reap

Nestled amidst the sprawling expanse of the Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Thommanon Temple emerges as a resplendent gem, showcasing the exquisite beauty and architectural finesse of the Khmer Empire. Despite its modest size, this ancient sanctuary captivates visitors with its intricate carvings, serene ambiance, and rich historical significance. Read More  

11: Baksei Chamkrong Temple Siem Reap

Nestled amidst the ancient wonders of the Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Baksei Chamkrong Temple stands as a hidden gem, echoing tales of Khmer architectural brilliance and spiritual reverence. Despite its modest size, this ancient sanctuary captivates visitors with its graceful proportions, intricate carvings, and rich historical significance. Read More

12: War Museum

Unveiling the Military Legacy: War Museum Cambodia in Siem Reap

Embark on a riveting journey through Cambodia’s tumultuous past with a visit to the War Museum in Siem Reap, a poignant testament to the nation’s resilience and strength. As a premier travel agency guiding you through the treasures of Siem Reap, we invite you to explore the vivid and thought-provoking exhibits housed within this unique museum. Situated against the backdrop of Siem Reap’s historical landscape, the War Museum Cambodia offers an immersive experience into the country’s wartime history. Visitors are transported to an era marked by conflict, where the echoes of battles linger among the relics of old tanks, armored vehicles, ordnance, mines, mortars, grenades, helicopters, antiaircraft guns, and an array of small  

13: Pub Street Nightlife

Embark on an Evening of Enchantment at Pub Street, Siem Reap&’s Pulsating Hub!

Indulge in the vibrant allure of “Street 8”; more famously known as Pub Street, where the heart of Siem Reap comes alive as night descends. This dynamic stretch, spanning 100 meters from the iconic Red Piano Restaurant to the inviting Banana Leaf Restaurant, is a kaleidoscope of entertainment, featuring neon-lit clubs, bars, restaurants, and vibrant vendors. Get ready to immerse yourself in the electric energy of Pub Street, where every step is a journey into the beating pulse of Siem Reap’s nightlife.  

14: Floating Village Mangrove Tree

Embark on a captivating adventure through Siem Reap’s enchanting landscape, where ancient traditions meet the tranquil waters of Tonle Sap Lake and seeing mangrove tree, where Tonle Sap is at. As your guide to the wonders of Cambodia, we invite you to delve into the mesmerizing world of the Floating Village, a unique and vibrant community that thrives on the gentle ripples of this expansive lake. Nestled near Siem Reap, the Floating Village offers a picturesque escape from the ordinary. Picture yourself gliding on a traditional wooden boat, navigating the intricate waterways that weave through stilted houses, schools, and markets. The air is infused with the rhythm of daily life as the village reflects the harmonious coexistence between the people and the lake.  

15: Phnom Kulen

  Embark on an exploration of the exquisite Phnom Kulen National Park, nestled within the grandeur of the Phnom Kulen mountain massif in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. Established in 1993, this vast sanctuary spans 373.76 km² and is officially known as Jayavarman-Norodom Phnom Kulen National Park. Immerse yourself in the pristine landscapes, from lush jungles to cascading waterfalls, as you uncover the natural wonders and historical significance that make Phnom Kulen a captivating destination for those seeking a harmonious blend of nature and culture.  

16: Old Market Siem Reap

Step into the heart of Siem Reap’s bustling city center, where time seems to stand still amid the vibrant chaos of Old Market. Known locally as “Phsar Chas”; this iconic marketplace is a sensory haven, offering a rich tapestry of colors, culture, and cuisine that captures the essence of Cambodia’s vibrant heritage.

17: Apsara Dance Shows

Step into the mesmerizing world of Cambodian culture as we delve into the enchanting realm of Apsara dance shows in Siem Reap. Renowned for its grace, intricate movements, and cultural significance, the Apsara dance is a captivating expression of Cambodia’s rich heritage. Immerse yourself in an evening of elegance and storytelling as you witness this traditional dance form come to life.  

18: Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary

Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Siem Reap, Cambodia, lies the Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary, a pristine wetland habitat teeming with an extraordinary array of avian species. Known as the largest waterbird colony in Southeast Asia, this sanctuary offers visitors a unique opportunity to witness the wonders of nature and explore the rich biodiversity of Cambodia’s wetlands.  

19: Royal Residence Siem Reap

The Royal Garden is basically the only green open area you’ll find in Siem Reap and the place is popular among locals as well as tourists. It’s the place where king Sihanouk and general Lon Nol in 1950 designed the plan that would seperate Cambodia from its France occupiers. The royal residence, which is located across the Royal Gardens is not open to the public.