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Best Outside Shooting Experience Phnom Penh

Best outside shooting experience

Reviewed February 23, 2020 via mobile

The only place in Cambodia, if not the world, where you can shoot a RPG. Truly a once in a lifetime experience. As an European, this is a dream come true. I shot with:

50 calbr
China Sniperbr

If you want to do it, its really easy. Just give Pho a message and he will set it all up. He is really kind, speaks great English and makes sure you get an experience you never forget.
Me and my girlfriend got picked up at the hotel – included with the price – as Pho ask you a few days before what you want. She could join for free. It was a 2 hour drive to the military base. We started with the small guns and ended with the 50 cal, PKM and RPG. I also choose 2x fueled barrels and 1 gasstank. Recommenend!br
Everything got filmed with 3 Gopro’s and 1 Drone. This services gets a special shoutout because they really do their best and afterwards I asked for a special edit and even they still replied so friendly.

We also got a huge discount on the end price because we had to wait a bit before shooting the RPG and 50 cal.

Safety is guaranteed, they know what they are doing.
The site is clean and safe
Drinks are for free

If you want a special day, book this!

Kind regards,


Here is bellow the video of Cambodia Shooting Ranges Outdoor Phnom Penh, the range is allowed to play all day time and all day or half day. they have big and small armed and the small gun is started from pistols, ak47 and more, the big and heavy weapons are RPG “Rocket launcher Bazooka”.
look, what kind of gun that the customer was shooting ? and how much did he enjoy

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