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Price List Cambodia Shooting Range Phnom Penh

The mountainous gun shooting range is located approximately 2 hours drive, one way by cars, SURE! Greeting Service is starting from hotel lobby floor then back to the hotel

Video+Edited service within 4 Professional cameras like Gopro, Sony, Canon and Cold beer/soft drink

pickup and drop off service to and from your hotel’s lobby & receptionist floor is fully complimentary

The Cambodia Fire Range Outdoor Phnom Penh is divided into types of gun shooting range club, and location is also separately difference addresses, they are

1. Cambodia Fire Range Outdoor & Indoor Phnom Penh

A Option: Cambodia Fire Range Outdoor is located about 45-60 minute drive from Phnom Penh city center, let you shoot every single, auto and fully auto of rifle machine guns like, AK47, M16, PKM machine gun and pistol

2. Cambodia Fire Range Outdoor & Mountainous Phnom Penh 

B Option: it’s to shoot every weapons, from the price list below then we would like you to spend 2 hours sitting in our luxury car to go to the Outdoor and Mountainous gun range. But to go to the range we need you/your group to spend at least USD 300 on gun shooting, 80 USD extra paid for the transfers and videos+EDITED, service, THE PAGE


To get fully complimentary on the transfers and videos+EDITED, service

we would like you to spend 500 USD as the minimum budget list expend on the gun shooting, also we would like your valuable time to share experience on 2  TripAdvisor Pages

1.  Cambodia Fire Range TripAdvisor

2. CambodianDrivers.Com Taxi Car Rental TripAdvisor 

then transfers and videos+EDITED, service is fully complimentary and soft drink, cold beers

Please Other Choice 🙏🏽🙏🏽 Pay us 80 USD extra paid for the transfers, videos+EDITED, service, then don’t need to share any recommendation of your experiences on the  TripAdvisor or social medias

An other option, Huge offer ever

If you spent 1500 USD on the gun shooting then we are escorting you to explore with tuk tuk English Speaking guide/driver

the availability cities are Phnom Penh and Siem Reap

Duration for the tour is 6-8 hours, the package is for 2 peoples 

Please let know your thoughts or contact us for details

Tuk Tuk/Taxi local guide driver

Need English speaking guide for city tour then contact CambodiaTaxiCarRental.Com ” they can offer luxury vehicles for your private ride across the country.
  Outdoor Mountainous Gun Shooting tour and the City Tour is available at the same shooting day, suggest your feelings

https://cambodiataxicarrental.com/driver/phnom-penh-tuk-tuk-drivers/ contact Mr. Bo or Rambo Inter Call, WhatsApp +85592343978

https://cambodiandrivers.com/driver/siem-reap-tuk-tuk-driver/ Contact Mr. Pov  @Inter Call, WhatsApp +85570759051

Please Noted, At Cambodia Firing Range we prioritize safety, respect, and responsible firearm use. We firmly believe in the ethical treatment of animals and the preservation of wildlife. As such, we strictly prohibit the shooting of animals at our gun range. Our facility is dedicated to promoting responsible gun use, marksmanship skills, and a safe environment for all enthusiasts. We encourage our visitors to enjoy their shooting experience while respecting wildlife and other animals. Together, we can foster a culture of responsible firearm usage and the appreciation of our natural world.

The Feedbacks

Best shooting Range in Phnom Penh
Apr 2024 • Couples
Visiting this shooting range was an adrenaline-pumping experience, especially with the opportunity to shoot with an RPG and various machine guns. The range of firearms available was impressive, allowing for a unique hands-on experience with some of the most powerful weapons.
LOOK!  Drone video service please pay 30$ extra for the service, If you would like drone service to flight above RPG’s shrapnel then please make request ahead of the coming of shooting days

Blow Tuk Tuk and 5 houses down by 2 of RPG II

Our Cameramen have never missed to take your actions

Pickup Drop Off /Greeting Service

Our Lexus cars or Toyota Alpard van within English local guide/driver are able to pickup you at bus/boat stops, airports and hotels/guesthouses in/around Phnom Penh city

Contact us yourself  further information

Inter Call, WhatsApp, telegram @ +85589797079

Wēixìn/Wechat ID: Yes85589797079

email:[email protected]

the price list of every gun shooting

Price Lise Phnom Penh Fire Range

Target of the gun shooting 

Targets Shooting Ranges in Cambodia,

The gun shooting’s targets for you to play for all day long and it made your shooting experience is more joyful and became the unforgettable holiday are bellow. select those of the target to blow things up or shoot them up with riffle like AK47 M16 and other shooting riffles and those targets can shoot with M79, RPG but some targets is need to add gas tanks or fueled barrels in the house.

  Watermelons, ceramic plates, coconuts and gas cans are good to shoot your riffles like M16, AK47, PKM machine guns, pistols, RPD, T97 and CKC’s bullets
Gas Tanks is good to go with your riffles like M16, AK47, PKM machine guns,  RPD, T97 and CKC’s bullets and RPG (bazooka or well known as Rocket Launcher) and if the rpg hit the target of the gas tanks then the flame and explosion is greatly huge than your expectations

Car, House and Tuk Tuk is a very need to add fueled barrels and or gas tanks in there
More details of an RPG “Rocket launcher” video is bellow then please fee free take a look at Woo hit target Rocket house loaded with fueled barrels, the videos of Ken “Japanese guy” shot Bazooka into a thatch house full of petrol barrels