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Price List Cambodia Shooting Range Phnom Penh

Get 5-10% discount, Transport up and down the Cambodia Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh and video service is completely free, you/your group need to spend at least 500 usd on gun shooting. if you spent less than the budget of 500$ you are required to pay 150$ for the transport and video service.

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LOOK!  Drone video service please pay 25$ extra for the service

Picked up and dropped!

we can greet you at the bus/boat stops, airports and hotels/guesthouses in/around Phnom Penh city Please noted, the Cambodia Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh is located at outside the city, it approximately take 90-120minutes, one way by Lexus cars, Phnom Penh downtown. When the agreements are agreed, we are sending a Lexus RX 330 car with its driver/guide to greet you at meeting points, immediately.

Look!!! In order to get those of the complimentary we claimed above (transport to up and down, edited video service within several cameras like, Gopro5 and Gopro 7, Canon, Sony and smartphones, cold beers.)

5% discount on the amount of 999 USD. Best deal ever

1% discount on the amount of 1449 USD. Best deal ever

Please contact us yourself “call or email”: Call WhatsApp, telegram @ +85589797079, Wēixìn or Wechat ID: Yes85589797079 Targets Shooting Ranges in Cambodia,

The gun shooting’s targets for you to play for all day long and it made your shooting experience is more joyful and became the unforgettable holiday are bellow. select those of the target to blow things up or shoot them up with riffle like AK47 M16 and other shooting riffles and those targets can shoot with M79, RPG but some targets is need to add gas tanks or fueled barrels in.
Watermelons, ceramic plates, coconuts and gas cans are good to shoot your riffles like M16, AK47, PKM machine guns, pistols, RPD, T97 and CKC’s bullets
Gas Tanks is good to go with your riffles like M16, AK47, PKM machine guns,  RPD, T97 and CKC’s bullets and RPG (bazooka or well known as Rocket Launcher) and if the rpg hit the target of the gas tanks then the flame and explosion is greatly huge than your expectations
Car, House and Tuk Tuk is a very need to add fueled barrels and or gas tanks in there
More details of an RPG “Rocket launcher” video is bellow then please fee free take a look at Woo hit target Rocket house loaded with fueled barrels, the videos of Ken “Japanese guy” shot Bazooka into a thatch house full of petrol barrels