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  Please Be Noted: Insurance Cars Vans Buses, can be hired  

Are you planning a trip to go to explore Cambodia ?

Or you are already in Cambodia ?

Trying to get a private taxi car to go away from a place to go to a new place in Cambodia

  Look no further! Cambodia Fire Range Taxi Drivers Group is your go-to for a fantastic experience. We’ve been rocking the road since 1995, offering a range of Taxi Service with carefully selected English-speaking drivers.

Cambodia Fire Range Private Taxi Services

  1. Phnom Penh Daily Departure to any destinations in Cambodia
  2. long year and very experienced working Drivers
  3. English Speaking Drivers
  4. knowledgeable Drivers
  5. Flexibility on Timing
  6. Cambodia Sightseeing Tours

 Bellow are One Way Ride

Cambodia Fire Range Private Taxi Service

Cambodian Destinations

Cambodia Taxi Price List & Destinations

Call and WhatsApp @ +85589797079

Email: [email protected]

Cambodia Destination

Call and WhatsApp @ +85589797079

Email: [email protected]

if you have not found destination you would like to get there,  then the following Email and WhatsApp is our contactable 

Call and WhatsApp @ +85589797079

Email: [email protected]