Cambodia Fire Range Outdoor Phnom Penh

The licensed shooting Ranges, promising the best action for all your needs

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Cambodia Fire Range Outdoor Phnom Penh

Cambodia Fire Range is an Outdoor Shooting range at outside of Phnom Penh capital, promising the best action for all your needs, while 100 per cent is one of the unique things to do and unforgettable experience and the only one outdoor shooting at outside of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Cambodia Fire Range Outdoor Phnom Penh 2
We have AK47, M16, T97, PKM Machine Guns, RPD, M79, Hand Grenades, 50 Caliber well known as Dooshka, shoot an RPG II and RPG 7 (Bazookas and B40 Rocket Launcher) into a house loaded with barrels of fuel, or blow up three traditional houses, or a car full of petrol barrels. . You can play all day or for half a day, whatever suits your needs. to see more foto and videos pls go to THE PAGE INSTAGRAM

Tuk Tuk Cottage Fouled Barrel Bazooka Cambodia, Joe & his group WON! Please contact directly us for super complimentary!! like  free transportation to and from your hotel,  tailor made packages for groups, including bachelor parties, which includes refreshments (yes, beer), and if you really want to make it a special occasion, we can video the whole thing using our state-of-the art drone (DJI Go 4), which we edit and send back to your hotel before the end of the day. We use five cameras to catch your shooting range activities including a Canon Digital EOS, Sony, Gopro 5 & Gopro7 and Phantom Go 4 drone. We have over twenty years in the shooting range industry. More details please feel free check us out on our TripAdvisor reviews where we’ve got five stars out of five and videos.

Best actions for the month rpg shot into hut built loaded with petrol barrels  and a car
Interested in shooting RPGs (Bazookas, Rocket launchers) into hut built loaded with full of petrol barrels. if yes please make an order. This experience is worth for your trip and it’s a bit higher expenses
For further inquiries that’s related to shooting range activities, please go through to us via the contacts bellow Contact Pho, P/H (English)+85589797079 (WhatsApp, Telegram) Email: [email protected]