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Shooting Club Cambodia

Are you looking for best Cambodia shooting range club ? then let go to the Shooting Club Cambodia to shoot and play with small and big gun and it’s the best shooting club to spend your bored time or free time of your whole vacation there. Shooting Club Cambodia is the number one and also it’s the only one Shooting Range outdoor in Phnom Penh and We can provide you best shooting gun as weapons is listed in AK47, M16, T97,  S-katu, Pistols, PKM Machine Guns, RPD, M79, Hand Grenades, 50 Caliber well known as Dooshka, RPG II and RPG 7 (Bazookas and B40 Rocket Launcher). You can play all day or for half a day, whatever suits your needs.  

Shooting Club Cambodia

the guys are enjoyed with the shooting lot from the smiley face and clothes that being dressed