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Phnom Penh Shooting Club

Phnom Penh Shooting Club is the outside shooting club of the city of Cambodia’s capital of Phnom Penh, and it can also say jungle shooting range club or mountainous gun shooting club because the location of the Phnom Penh Shooting Club is in Kampong Speu province. Moreover, the shooting range club is not on main road and it have to travel through small villages to reach the last destination, and the final destination is the Phnom Penh Shooting Club. the pic of Phnom Penh shooting club, please feel free take a look at a group of gun shooting cluster photo within smiley looking face that they have visited us and shot multiple of riffle machine gun that’s included big and also small machine gun it’s ranged from AK47 M16 PKM Machine gun, 50 calibers RPG Bazooka Rocket Launcher. this shooting activities photo was taken after everyone of them have just finished to those small and heavy machine guns and empty all beer cans