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Angkor Wat Worldwide Visited temple

Cambodia Angkor Wat Worldwide Number One Visited temple

Angkor watt or Anga (Nagā) Nagara (City) is the largest temple the worldwide built by men’s hands . The Khmer new year is marked by the sun entering the sign of Aries the Ram. This particular event was traditionally closely related to the Vernal Equinox. In ancient times, the dates of the sun entering Aries and the Vernal Equinox would have been even closer, but they have shifted due to an effect called procession, where the Earth wobbles on its axis over a 25,000 year period. In Cambodia, it marks the end of the harvest before the beginning of the rainy season.

Angkor watt is the fingerprint of the Genius of the men , he would to be the seventh world’s wonder . In the official history, Angkor watt was built on 37 years within an average of 400,000 bricklayers (the same number that is composed of all the armies of Julius Cesar). All the great scholars don’t understand, how one day . The man , can built an such Wonder Temple . Angkor watt was built under the Dragon constellation, under the golden Number, and it is one of the unique Hindu & Buddhist temples to have an equinox 2 times per year, above the middle and higher « principal tower ». Angkor watt possessed all the Visnu’s cosmology such as the Mahabharata/Ramayana/ the churning of the ocean of milk/ and Khmer empire lives and battles. Angkor watt had engraved, around 2,000 Apsara dancers with different faces and features and 10,000 naga engraved . The Legend say ; Angkor watt was built as gift for King Ketemeleo, Ketemeleo was the son of the god indra to another Life. God indra take him into its heaven for blessing him at sacred « water » for Seven Weeks, with the blessing of greats Brahmins from different Heavens. After this , Indra asked to its son , what’s kind of castle of my Heaven you want in the earth . With a hard choice, and the conscientious to don’t wanna annoy gods. The humble prince , say I want a castle who looking like your barn . Lord indra said ; so be it , I will send for you on earth the God of architecture (Vishkarma) . But this is just a legend. In the real, Angkor watt was built around the 11th century. Angkor watt was started built by a great Hindu king, Surya varman II, and destroyed by another and Hindu Rival’s realm. Angkor watt (architecture, art) was managed by King Jayavarman VII. A Buddhist king, The one who put in the top the Khmer civilization. After its battles to the Champa kingdom, he took in back the sacred Arc, that Kaudinya1 used to load for submitting the Nagi queen Soma. Angkor watt was a magnificent and genius temple in the past, the towers were Golden and the roofs in green, the sandstone in white. Who with the strength and rays of the sun, painted the temple in golden color. All the great scholar know thats the glorious and genius past of the Khmer empire have nothing to envy to its greats builders brother as Egypt / Mayans / Greek. For the great scholar the knowledge for built this temple was built by God/gods .