How long does the whole shooting Trip-Activities taken

 How long does the whole shooting Trip Activities taken; The trips to go to the Cambodia Fire-Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh approximately take 5 hours to 5 hours and half at least and it meant 5hours and half+, From a hotel in Phnom Penh city center to Cambodia Fire-Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh mostly spent 90-120 mins and sometime take longer than 2 hours if we had some stops to bring stuffs in our car or a bad traffics day. And then after a 2 hours driving then we are arrived the venue of the authentic gun range, please see the picture

the shooting activities mostly take 45-60 mins its for  budget of 500usd, for example

1. Ak47 1x60: 60 USD, 30 Rounds
M16 1x60: 60 USD, 30 Rounds
3. PKM Machine Gun 1 x 220: 220USD, 100 Rounds
4. 50 Caliber 1 x 140: 140USD, 10Rounds

Totol, 60+60+220+140: 480
Transport to up and down and video is 20usd
grand total is 480+20:500usd

But sometime can take less or longer than the expectation if you go slow or fast!

Please be noted, the shooting tour can be taken a day long if we have more than a participator and multiple groups of gun shooting tour, so if you have sometime to do or finish after the range then feel free let us know in e amail or WhatsApp 
the view of Cambodia fire range outdoor Phnom Penh drone footage
this is the pic of Cambodia Fire-shooting range outdoor phnom penh was captured by our professional drone flyer, can you imagine its a cleaned emviroment and also quiet because we are outdoor gun shooting and located is at a foot of mountainsides 

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