Number One Activities in Cambodia is Cambodia Shooting Range Outdoor Phnom Penh
Please customize your gun shooting activities and tell us when do you want to visit us
Thanks for the intersted in us 

Location (*)
50 Caliber (Dooshka) one full clip 140 USD
Glock 9mm 10rounds 60usd
One clip M16 30 Rounds 60 USD
One clip AK 47 30Rounds 60 USD
one round M79 (Grenade Launcher) 140usd
One round RPG (Bazooka Rocket Launcher) 550 USD
PKM Machine Gun 100rounds 220USD
PKM Machine Gun 50rounds 120USD
RPD 100 Rounds 220USD
RPD 50Rounds 120USD
T 97 one full clip 30 Rounds 60usd
Target Riffle shooting water melon plates 10x2:20 USD
Target: (Riffle shooting RPG) One Big gas tank 80USD
Target: (Riffle shooting) One Small gas tank 40USD
Target: One fueled barrel 50USD
Target: One house 160 USD
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Number Of Peoples (*)
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