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 Cambodia fire Range TripAdvisor links is in our Website Pages only and this is our tripadvisor link Siem Reap Shooting Range is the place where you can blow RPG (Bazooka Rocket Launcher) up with a lot of fund  and joyful sounds.Our Siem Reap Shooting Rang Outdoor is located at outside of the town, it takes 60-90 minutes 'single way' by driving cars, and the range is the only one outdoor shooting range in Siem Reap where you can shoot RPGs (Bazooka Rocket Launcher), grenade launchers and other riffles machine guns.While traveling from Siem Reap town to the outdoor shooting range RPG you much times to enjoy cold beers and others drinks.

We Provide Pick up Services!Pick up at any place around siem reap town like, Guesthouses, Hotels, Siem Reap International Airport and other places surround the town.For the Picking up, We provide transport from your hotel's doors to the shooting range club and bcak to your hotel staying in Siem Reap. No need to ask for transort from your hotel or any tuktuk/taxi at your closed place.Siem Reap Shooting Range Bazooka (RPG, Rocket Launcher)

Please note, the cost of Firing Range in Siem Reap is more than Phnom Penh Firing Range and it cannot be discounted For a better prices please travel to phnom penh, complemetary like, cold beers, videos and video drone service with edited and good service. email and call: +85578777908 WhatsApp/Viber/Wechat @

One Day Sunrise Angkor Wat Siem Rep shooting rpg (bazooka or well known as Rocket Launcher) ToursMorning, 4.30 meet at the hotel lobby/receptionist floor then drive (SUV, lexus RX 300) straight to the Angkor Wat entrance then stay infront of the temple for while to see the golden sunrise afterward walk straight in the Angkor Wat compound to view the sunrise which is rising on the top of Angkor Wat towers. After enjoying the beautiful sunrise you can relax to have a good breakfast which provided by your hotel service and then let make a great wolk around Angkor Wat compound for other 2hours.After a visiting the great temple of Angkor toch (Small Angkor Wat temple) we go straight to Angkor Thum (greater temple or great city) to see serveral temples like, but beofre entering the angkor thum compound we stop for some picture of entrance then go straight into bayon temple, elephant terrace, leper king, south gate of Angkor Thum for taking pics. After taking those statuse of two drgon lines, we drive through to Sras Srerng Temple. Break for Lunches nearby the Sras Srerng TempleAfter a good lunch we are heading Ta Prom Temple and 2.15 pm we have to move out from the temple's areas for the RPG (rocket launcher or well known as Bazooka) and the gun range shooting tour we go to your hotel to say goodbye to each other. Wish have a great day and hope see you again The tour fees is 610usd, one person or twothe tour is includedone shot of RPGcold beersprivate suv and good ac carLook.! you wish to more guns or double rpg of course we are charging you depend on guns worthBook the tour Please contact us